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Low Back Injuries and Spinal Instability

Low Back Injuries and Spinal InstabilityLow back injuries are the number one cause of chronic pain and disability in the world today. That’s right, more people suffer from low back problems than any other condition in the world. This means that almost all of us are...

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What is ligament laxity?

What is ligament laxity?Ligament laxity is a big key word, things that Doctors of Chiropractic are now looking at. Everybody thinks with ligament laxity. Ligament laxity is just that. It's where the ligament goes lax. Ligaments have this incredible quality. They don't...

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The Insurance Carriers Are Not Your Adversaries

The Insurance Carriers Are Not Your AdversariesIn this article what we want to cover today is the area of your relationship with insurance carriers. In personal injury work, insurance carriers are not your adversaries. In fact, just the opposite can be true. You can...

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What is a true expert?

What is a true expert?What is an expert, and particularly, what is an expert in the spinal soft tissue injury market or the spinal ligament injury market? What is an expert? What actually is an expert? I want doctors to start to be able to identify experts, so when...

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The AMA Permanent Impairment Guides

The AMA Permanent Impairment GuidesIn this article I want to offer a short rundown of the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment. Before we talk about what these guides offer, let’s discuss the term impairment. Impairment is a loss. A Loss of use or a derangement of any...

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ICA Best Practice X-Ray Guidelines Discussed

ICA Best Practice X-Ray Guidelines Discussed In this article I want to run through the ICA’s best practices for x-rays. These are the best x-ray guidelines in the market today. They’re effective for both injury assessments and for assessing the actual underlying cause...

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A Little Bit About DMX, Digital Motion X-Rays

A Little Bit About DMX, Digital Motion X-RaysIn this article I want to talk a little bit about Digital motion x-rays or DMX. There’s a lot of information out in the market regarding DMX, most of it coming from the providers who have DMX units in their practices. So,...

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Is X-Ray Important Today?

Is X-Ray Important Today? My journey into the spinal injury market came from frustrations I experienced as a practicing chiropractor. So, I have a real passion and dedication to chiropractors who wish to become masters of spinal ligament injuries. Recently I’ve...

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What Is A Smart Injury Lawyer?

What Is A Smart Injury Lawyer? Welcome to today's program. Today what we're going to be talking about is what is a smart injury lawyer? Well, every day in America, every seven seconds, there's a work-related injury. Every seven seconds in America, there's an...

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What Is the Mechanism of Injury?

What Is the Mechanism of Injury?What I want to talk about today is a very, very simple concept that gets very misunderstood by doctors, lawyers, and insurers in the spinal injury market. It’s that thing called mechanism of injury. I’m a national trainer for spinal...

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What Is A Smart Injury Doctor?

What Is A Smart Injury Doctor?What is this all about? What is this idea of a SmartInjuryDoctor? A smart injury doctor is an extremely effective injury doctor. Now what does that mean? It means they’re extremely effective at three things: They’re extremely effective at...

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WHAT IS A SPINAL INSTABILITY?What I want to talk about today is what is a spinal instability? It seems like there’s all this information out there about spinal instabilities. And matter of fact, I did a video on spinal instabilities six years ago, put it out on...

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