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What Is the Mechanism of Injury?

What Is the Mechanism of Injury?What I want to talk about today is a very, very simple concept that gets very misunderstood by doctors, lawyers, and insurers in the spinal injury market. It’s that thing called mechanism of injury. I’m a national trainer for spinal...

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What Is A Smart Injury Doctor?

What Is A Smart Injury Doctor?What is this all about? What is this idea of a SmartInjuryDoctor? A smart injury doctor is an extremely effective injury doctor. Now what does that mean? It means they’re extremely effective at three things: They’re extremely effective at...

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WHAT IS A SPINAL INSTABILITY?What I want to talk about today is what is a spinal instability? It seems like there’s all this information out there about spinal instabilities. And matter of fact, I did a video on spinal instabilities six years ago, put it out on...

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